Welcome to the Official School Bus Driver Training Program
delivered by
G & N School Bus Driver Training.

Once you have received your username and password,
please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Login at the top of this page using your assigned username and password
  2. Review the list of training modules and click the "VIEW" button on any one to begin training
  3. After watching the video, take the short test that follows

The results of your test will be sent to the System Administrator.

For more information or assistance to sign up now for training immediately , please
email: gnllc@midstatesd.net or call (605)840-0733 or (605)207-0625

Note: If you do not have your username and password, please contact the
transportation director at your school district

Registration Information

Program Details: Each driver must complete the required training set by the state. Documentation of this training is required on PRF (personal record form). This program provides drivers with a custom-designed program and can be utilized at each driver’s convenience. If you are not able to contact the above phone numbers, for technical assistance call: 1-877-792-3866 Ext 400.

Information on G & N School Bus Driver Training

We would like to introduce ourselves and provide some background as to who we are and our qualifications in providing this service. The owners of G & N LLC are licensed, experienced school bus drivers. In the year of 2010-2011, we trained 1500 bus drivers in South Dakota.

David Nicholas currently is the Superintendent for Washaskie School District #1 in Worland, Wyoming. He formerly supervised the student transportation services for the Gregory South Dakota School District as the Superintendent of Schools in Gregory, South Dakota for nine years.